Tetbury Shine Cowhide Leather Bracelet

Mackenzie & George

Tetbury Shine Cowhide Leather Bracelet


Our focus at The Cotswold Tweed Co is to find small brands who create beautiful, luxury pieces, designed to last a lifetime. We are excited to showcase our new leather collection from 'Mackenzie & George', who launched in 2012, by Melanie & Christopher Clarihew.

From belts to bags and small accessories, everything is handcrafted from their family run, rural Shropshire workshop, with each piece inspired by British Equestrian & Countryside lifestyle. 

The Tetbury Shine, Cowhide Leather Cuff, features a gold-bronze metallic pattern which stands out against the creamy background. This piece is great for a night out and add the shine factor to your ensemble.

One size fits all!