The Hourglass Corset
The Hourglass Corset
The Hourglass Corset

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The Hourglass Corset

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Made from 2 layers of luxurious British tweed on the outer, with a beautiful hand-sewn velvet binding. This beautifully handmade corset is crafted to exacting standards by a highly experienced corsetiere. Worn simply as an elegant vintage-style fashion statement or technically for back support (or for an instant hourglass silhouette!!)

Under-bust corsets are all about the waist. The features of this style make it ideal for 'everyday' wear, or for wearing over a longer period. That said, historically they are known for their instant hour glass silhouette enhancing abilities. They can reduce the waist by 4-5 inches from your normal size but they're easier to sit down in and more simple to lace on your own.

Worn over a simple blouse, a corset can make a conservative and boring business suit into an eye-catching, innovative piece of office wear, and an under-bust corset can transform a plain day dress into something special, with a distinct vintage flavour. Also, it is stunning when worn as part of a riding habit which will offer support as well as style.

• Exclusive Great Scot sateen lining.
• Strong double grommets for lacing the back
• Strong satin ribbon lacing
• Structured with reinforced synthetic boning.
• The front is closed with a 'Busk' which helps you get in and out of the corset easily!
• Remember that a corset is simply a supportive garment that is not unlike our modern push-up bras and body shapers.
• Front: 9’’ Side: 6.5’’ Back: 8’’

Measure your waist and order accordingly:

 Corset Size UK Size Waist measurement
Small 8 - 10 UK 28" - 30"
Medium 12 - 14 UK 34" - 36"
Large 16 - 18 UK 37" - 39"